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Buying your first car is an exciting time, and with the excitement comes a lot of decision-making and legwork.  There is a handful of factors to explore and consider when purchasing your first ride.  Here are a couple of pointers to steer you in the right direction when you start shopping for a car.

Be open with what your needs are and set a reasonable budget.  It is important to pinpoint the purpose why you want a car in the first place.  Is it to go to work every day, or to have an all-rounder for the family?  Assess your lifestyle, along with your finances.  By carefully identifying your needs and your budget is the first step into finding the car that’s best suited for you.

Find out what your credit score is. Your credit score will help you determine the interest rate you pay on a car loan.  A better credit score will give you better chances to get the best interest rates, thus improving your budget for the car.  Make a down payment, so you don’t have to borrow as much money when you make a loan.

Take your prospects for a test drive.  Once you’ve selected a few cars that will suit your needs and budget, don’t hesitate to take it to the road for a few kilometers to see how you feel about them.  At the end of it all, you’ll be able to pick out the best car for you.

Jeffrey Lupient’s competencies are geared toward automotive retail sales. He is also extensively educated in the field of car dealerships, thanks to the National Automobile Dealers Association Dealer Academy.  An alumnus of Hamline University, he is currently the president and CEO of the MN-based Lupient Automotive Group.  For more articles like this, visit this blog.


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While some car owners pride themselves in knowing how to troubleshoot their own vehicles, having the car taken care of by professionals secures workmanship of a much higher quality.  It’s true that the repair shop may cost a car owner a pretty penny, but that’s all worth it to make sure the vehicle is roadworthy.

Car experts and mechanics won’t fret when car owners try fixing simple and minor vehicle problems themselves.  However, when it comes to an engine tune-up, bringing the car to a garage has a lot of advantages.

Take for example the warranties.  The warranties handed out by auto repair shops can cover costs for future work, in the event of mechanical failures.  The same principle applies to insurance.  As long as the car has insurance, as it should, the work of professional mechanics can be covered.  This comes in very handy for necessary extensive work in a tune-up.

Obviously, repair shops won’t be lacking in any of the tools needed for engine repairs and tune-ups.  Many car owners who think they can handle the problem, but end up short on the instruments for car care, try to use inappropriate tools instead.  This can damage the car.

And of course, the experience of pro mechanics could be unrivaled.

MN-based Jeffrey Lupient has years of experience in automotive retail, sales, and business development.  Visit this site to learn more about Jeffrey Lupient and his work.

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Is there a formula to gaining lots of sales consistently throughout the year? Is there a rhythm or rhyme when it comes to seasonal highs and lows? Here are some expert tips and advice for a successful auto dealership business.


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Make it about the customer

It’s you who want to make a sale, and there’s a lot of pressure that comes with this goal. But you can only make this happen if you put customers in the center of everything you do: giving them the best price and quality, and the customer service and experience they deserve. Prioritize their needs, and all else will follow.

Go beyond the traditional

Many car sales these days start not inside the showroom, but through inquiries made on social media, email, and even quick, noncommittal phone calls. Entertain all the possibilities, as well as anyone from millennials looking to buy their first brand-new car to baby boomers who want replacement vehicles.

Service is everything

This holds true before, after, and in between a sale. From the first moment a potential customer steps into the shop, give them exceptional service on every level, from discussion vehicle options to flexible terms to repairs an after-service. Educate customers on every aspect and offer what could make it a good learning experience about the vehicle and car maintenance.

Be patient

Some sales require careful nurturing, as much as some people decide to buy within five minutes while others take weeks to months to explore their options. Don’t get so obsessed about closing the deal right away. Patience, perseverance, and giving excellent service will go a long way in winning loyalty and even customer referrals in the process.


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Jeffrey Lupient is extensively educated in the field of car dealerships, thanks to the National Automobile Dealers Association Dealer Academy. An alumnus of Hamline University, he is currently the president and CEO of the Lupient Automotive Group. Click here for similar updates.

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Cars are a huge investment, and finding the right dealership can get you a great deal in terms of product and after sale service. However, this is easier said than done. Not all dealerships operate the same way and offer the same service. This is why you need to find a successful car dealership that can handle your request and provide you with the right product. Here are some ways on how to spot a successful car dealership.


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As much as people tell you not to judge a book by its cover, reviewing the facilities of a car dealership can tell you plenty. If they are too aggressive with their signs showing big discounts, low interest rates, or deals that seem too good to be true, walk away. Observe the people as well. Are they well dressed? Do they look professional? These small things can save you a lot of time getting entertained by the wrong salesperson.

The approach also tells a lot about the business. If a car salesperson approaches you and attempts to upsell you, that’s already a sign that they just want to make a quick buck. Successful car dealerships rely on repeat customers, loyalty, and referral. They are most likely to ask you about your situation and what you need before they recommend anything.

Lastly, check the internet for good or bad reviews. People are more vocal nowadays and are more likely to post good reviews or grievances depending on the services rendered.


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Jeffrey Lupient excels in business development, automotive dealership, and sales. These traits helped him become the president and CEO of MN-based firm Lupient Automotive Group. For more reads on automotive dealerships, visit this blog.

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Auto dealership is a cutthroat business, but one area that deals can make a radical difference and excel is timely, responsive customer service. Here’s some sound advice on how to enhance customer service and elevate customer experience to desired levels.

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Harness technology for the customers’ advantage

Use gadgets such as tablets, headsets, as well as relevant apps for service centers and the sales force to use to cater to digitally savvy and modern consumers. Go digital in crucial areas such as booking appointments, maintaining vehicle records, and providing service recommendations. Use texting platforms to enhance the customer experience, from reminding of an upcoming oil change to disseminating news on promos and deals.

Be genuine

This couldn’t be emphasized enough: be the kind of people who take pride and joy in helping individuals and families get their dream vehicles. Don’t be there to just make a quick buck. Initiate good, meaningful conversations and understand the needs and pain points of the customers. It will greatly help to hire genuinely nice personnel.

Look at everything from the customer’s perspective

Don’t shy away from soliciting brutally honest feedback from customers. Discuss the flaws, come up with ways to fix them, and find out what can set you apart from the competition as far as customer needs are concerned. Go beyond the meet and greet; attend to inquiries with enthusiasm and with a problem-solver role. Listen to the customer’s reactions to the sales process, staff, and facility of the dealership.

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Jeffrey Lupient has been involved in his family’s chain of car dealerships since he was young. Accumulating years of experience and substantial industry knowledge, he would become the president and CEO of the Lupient Automotive Group. More articles like this on this page.

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Summer may be just around the corner, bringing along much warmer temperatures to much of the United States. However, not every place will be experiencing the heat the same way. Some places actually stay cool. Mountain regions and areas of higher elevation all still have a lot of cold to contend with. And cold can be a huge problem for car owners if they neglect to maintain their cars.


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Here are a few car care tips people should know if they’re living in an area that’s cold year-round.

Check your batteries: A volt check can go a long way. When people feel like their car batteries are fading, it’s best to replace them immediately rather than have them stall in the cold. The cold weather can stop a car dead in its tracks, and it would be more difficult to find a replacement while stuck in the middle of a road in very low temperatures.

Check your coolant: Coolants can keep engines from freezing during extreme temperatures. There are two things to check when it comes to coolants – their levels and if there are any leaks.

Check your tires: Car owners should be mindful of their tires. If there is no need to put chains for snow tires, then they shouldn’t. But if car owners live in an area with lots of snowfall, then for everyone’s safety, motorists should observe proper protocol.


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Jeffrey Lupient, current President and CEO of Lupient Automotive Group, made his mark in the automotive retail sales scene as a result of his early exposure to the family business. For anything and everything on cars, car sales, car dealerships, and the like, check out this blog.

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It’s almost always an exciting time when a person makes the first major purchase of their life. Usually, in the United States, cars are an adult’s initial foray into financial responsibility (if you don’t count student loans). Many factors affect the overall decision process of buying a car, and here are some guidelines for first-time car buyers.


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Have fun: One of the most common mistakes people make when buying a new car is stressing themselves out. The truth of the matter is there’s a lot more to enjoy than to be bummed about like the great selection of cars as well as the financing rates that translate to great deals all around.

Test drive: First-time car buyers should test drive the vehicles that they fancy. On the outside, sure, a car looks enticing, but then there are factors like comfort and ease of driving that can only be confirmed through a test drive. Test driving a vehicle can also save a person a ton of regret.

Preferences: People should list down what they want in a car and go for it. People ought to ask questions geared towards this list and keep an eye out for all those things that they want. When they finally find a car that has most of the items on the preference list, they’ll be happy.


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Having been involved in his family’s chain of car dealerships since his younger years, Jeffrey Lupient has gained substantial experience and knowledge in sales and business development. Read more about these topics in this website.

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