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In corporate parlance, business development is to be understood as the summation of all efforts to introduce the company to a market, build relationships, and identify needs among the clientele. The end goal is to uncover business opportunities that can be penetrated.


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There is simply a rare breed of people who are so good at this, even boasting a very enviable rate of success, which is not easy to achieve at this level of leadership in mid-management. So what might motivate business development managers?

While money will always have a place at the top of his motivations, this is not everything to a business development manager. Money, along with all other rewards, is a huge factor, but there are intrinsic rewards which they look forward to as well.

To many business development managers, penetrating the market is like slaying a dragon, and they recognize the extent of an accomplishment as such. This, in itself, is a reward which also doubles as a career milestone.

Recent studies have shown that middle managers who shine are also those who are motivated by the opportunity to work towards meaningful goals. Business development managers would want to be top dogs soon. They typically even aim to be shareholders in the company that they work for, or perhaps even break free and become independent business owners themselves.

Business development managers are also enablers and contributors to change. It has been typical of them to genuinely want to become a part of the creation of appropriate management systems.

In other words, business development managers are not at all individualistic. They think more of what else out there they can be a part of, of movements and business trends they can participate in. Once they inhabit this kind of attitude, money simply becomes a natural consequence.


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In 2012, Jeffrey Lupient received the Automotive News 40 Under 40 award. He is a top-notch manager who participates actively in the operations of his business. For more information, view his work on Slideshare.



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