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One of our most valuable (and costly) possessions is our car, and though our vehicles may not last forever, it would do us well to prolong their life through better maintenance practices. Automotive expert Jeffrey Lupient of MN-based Lupient Automotive Group lists some maintenance tips below that should aid in extending the lifetime of our precious cars:

First, know when it’s time to change your car’s oil. The oil reduces friction and wear of most moving parts, as well as lubricates the engine. But over time it breaks down and becomes a sludgy substance that proves less or totally ineffective, causing your car’s engine parts to rub or even clash with one another, leading to extensive damage. Change your oil regularly, based on the recommendations on your vehicle owner’s manual.

Secondly, inspect your wheels and tires. It’s especially important that you check your tires for any deflation before driving, as even a minuscule decline from the specified pressure stated in your car manual can exert unnecessary stress on your suspension system. The same care must be given to your wheels to maintain quicker steering response. You can’t be fuel-efficient and keep a smooth ride if the wear becomes uneven.

You must, of course, always drive with care. Know that your driving habits are directly linked to your vehicle’s lifespan. Maintain correct road speeds and don’t accelerate quickly. If you take it easy on the road, you will increase the intervals between checkups and repair.

Finally, take the effort to regularly wash your car. Cleaning your vehicle not only makes it look new but prevents various elements like snow, dirt, tree sap, and bird poop from corroding your car paint and damaging other components. Moreover, frequent cleaning helps maintain your car’s high resale value, adds Minnesota car dealer Jeffrey Lupient.

Jeffrey Lupient is the President and CEO of the Minnesota-based Lupient Automotive Group. He is highly dedicated to the growth of the family business. Visit this blog for more car-related tips and updates.

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