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Being a car dealership owner in MN for years, Jeffrey Lupient has seen a lot of amazing relationships between car owners and their cars. And it has always warmed his heart to see an old car that’s extremely well-kept.

Lupient explains that cars, as they get older, require more attention and care. While they can still function the way they’re supposed to, wear and tear is inevitable. Because of this, Lupient has put together a short list of things car owners can do to keep their aging vehicles in good condition.

Drive easy

Like people, the older the car gets, the more brittle its parts are. If you’re not in a hurry, don’t floor the gas. Always make sure to avoid bumps in the road, and potholes. If they’re unavoidable, go slow.

More checks

As mentioned earlier, older cars need more care and attention. You might need to bring them to a shop more often than before, or have their vital fluids replaced more frequently. Whatever it is, older cars are sure to require more frequent maintenance.

Safe parking

Jeffrey Lupient warns against parking older cars under the sun for too long. However, if you need to, Lupient recommends using a cover to shield the outer body from the heat of the sun.

MN-based Lupient Automotive Group President and CEO Jeffrey Lupient is a specialist in automotive retail sales. He is extensively educated in the field of car dealerships, a hands-on manager dedicated to providing optimum service and forging lasting customer relationships. For more automobile tips and advice, visit this page.

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