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Lupient Automotive Group in MN, which is led by president and CEO Jeffrey Lupient, recommends frequent oil changes because of the importance of good, clean oil in the lubrication of a vehicle engine. Here are the signs that a change oil is needed promptly:

Mileage: Every car is different, some require a change oil every 3,000 miles, while most new vehicles require it every 6,000 miles. It is best to check the owner’s handbook for more information.

Check engine or oil change light: Most dashboards have warning lights that notify the owner of problems in the engine or other car parts. If any of these lights illuminate, that may be a sign that an oil change is in order.

Check the dipstick: Examining the oil dipstick under the hood every now and then should be included in car owners’ routine maintenance. An oil that is still serviceable should have a gold, slightly translucent color. If it has become more brown or black, with a thicker, cruddier texture, an oil change may be necessary. Jeffrey Lupient suggests bringing the vehicle to a service center if the owner is unsure of the oil’s consistency.

Ticking, tapping, knocking, or rumbling noise: If the engine is not receiving enough lubrication, it results in metal-on-metal brushing, causing some form of noise when the engine is running.

Jeffrey Lupient is a hands-on manager dedicated to providing optimum service and developing lasting customer relationships. He has been involved with his family’s chain of MN-based car dealerships since he was young. Learn more about him by checking out this LinkedIn page.

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