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An accomplished automobile dealer who made his debut in the industry when he was only 15 years old, Jeffrey W. Lupient currently serves as the Executive Manager of Jim Lupient Infiniti of Golden Valley and the Dealer Principal of Lupient Nissan. Earning the coveted Infiniti Award of Excellence in 2008, 2009, and 2010, Mr. Lupient consistently demonstrates skill and dedication in all his dealings with his family businesses. Brief descriptions of the automobile manufactures Infiniti and Nissan are included below.

Nissan – Established in 1914 under the brand name Datsun, Japanese multinational car manufacturing firm Nissan Motor Company, Ltd. derived its original name from an acronym of the founding partners’ family names: Den, Aoyama, and Takeuchi. After trying out several different name iterations, the company settled upon their current brand name, Nissan. Throughout the automobile manufacturer’s long and successful history, Nissan has held partnerships with other esteemed car companies, including the Ford Motor Company and the Austin Motor Company. At present, Nissan is making headlines for its new hybrid and electric technology. Using this innovative technology, which serves as a departure from Toyota’s competing electric battery designs, Nissan introduced in December 2010 the Nissan Leaf, a five-door all-electric hatchback which has since won several industry awards not only for innovation and efficiency, but also for overall craftsmanship.

Image of Nissan Leaf

By Tennen-Gas (Own work) {CC-BY-SA-3.0 (}, via Wikimedia Commons

Photograph of Nissan Leaf, taken by Wikipedia user Tennen-Gas.

Infiniti – Cars manufactured under this brand represent the luxury line of vehicles by Nissan Motors. Dating back to 1989 with the launch of the Infiniti Q45, the Infiniti brand has drawn increasing popularity in the U.S. market since its debut, producing a number of popular model series. Though the Q45 model has been discontinued, Infiniti currently manufactures five different series: the Infiniti G mid-size, the M sedan, the EX compact crossover SUV, the FX mid-size SUV, and the QX56 five-door SUV. Additionally, in response to the growing demand for more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles, Infiniti is currently developing a hybrid version of the M sedan. Moreover, diesel iterations of the EX, FX, and M sedans are expected to appear in the European market in the near future.

Image of an Infiniti M56

Public Domain

Photograph of the all-new 2011 Infiniti M56.

Residents of the greater Golden Valley, Minnesota region interested in owning a Nissan or an Infiniti should visit Lupient Infiniti of Golden Valley or Lupient Nissan of Rochester to view or test drive a vehicle today.


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Jeff Lupient resides with his family in the city of Golden Valley, Minnesota. Part of Hennepin County, Golden Valley sits in southeast Minnesota and currently serves as home to over 20,000 residents. A first-ring suburb of Minneapolis, Golden Valley is only five convenient miles from the metropolis’ bustling downtown area. Golden Valley remains a thoroughly family-oriented community, boasting an attractive suburban locale with excellent schools, an array of neighborhoods, and extensive outdoor recreation opportunities. Additionally, Golden Valley works to foster a business-friendly environment.

The exact origin of Golden Valley’s name remains in question. However, it is likely that the moniker refers more to wheat and grain rather than to wildflowers. What is now Golden Valley started as an agricultural center. Incorporated in 1886 as the Village of Golden Valley, the area hosted a multitude of dairies, mills, and farms. At the time, the community boasted only a few hundred residents. In 1912, the Electric Luce Line Railroad was constructed through Golden Valley, leading to extensive development and community growth. From 1910 to 1940, the population of Golden Valley jumped from 692 to over 2,000. The area continued to flourish after World War II, when a number of industries discovered Golden Valley’s potential. The village of Golden Valley continued to grow and ultimately transitioned to become the city of Golden Valley in 1972.

Today, Golden Valley remains an attractive business and family-friendly place in which to live and work. Golden Valley believes that citizen participation is a core component of a happy and successful community. To that end, the city of Golden Valley sponsors a variety of ongoing community-oriented activities. Additionally, the city is always looking for ways to promote further civic improvements. The Envision Golden Valley program acts as Golden Valley’s principal initiative that connects an array of organizations and individuals interested in improving the local community. Encouraging a variety of opportunities for citizens to get involved, Golden Valley offers the Envision Award to those demonstrating exceptional civic commitment. Additionally, a diverse collection of grassroots organizations works to connect and improve the city.

For more information regarding the city of Golden Valley, Minnesota, please visit

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