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Do you and your family finally have a night together but cannot think of anything to do as a family? Try one of these fun activities.

1. Have a Picnic Unable to agree on lunch or dinner? Round up the family, set out for the grocery store, and buy the ingredients for everyone’s favorite simple meal. When you return home, cook the meals and load them in picnic-safe dishware, find a blanket, and set out for your local park and have a picnic. Make sure to pack a cooler filled with beverages. Rain spoiling your picnic plans? No problem: clear a space in the living room and have your picnic at home.

2. Cook and Bake Together Baking cookies is a time-honored tradition among family members. Gather the ingredients for everyone’s favorite treats and get to baking. Of course, any delectable delight will do. Even better, have everyone contribute an idea for a food item, then take a trip to the grocery store, buy all the ingredients, and cook the entire meal (including dessert) together.

3. Watch Movies These days, most people have DVD players, Netflix, or some other means of watching movies; and of course, everyone has a favorite movie. Ask all your family members to write the title of their favorite film on a scrap of paper, then fold all the paper, put all slips into a container, and have someone draw one. Before you watch the chosen movie, get your popcorn, drinks, and other snacks ready. On a weekend, when you have more free time, set aside an entire day for a movie marathon, or take a trip to your local theater and take in a movie or two.

4. Exercise and Play Sports If everyone needs some time out of the house, sports and other physical activities make for a great way to burn energy and get in a good workout. Invest in family bikes and take a different route through the neighborhood every week, or plan longer excursions for the weekends. You could also sign everyone up for a sport; just make sure everyone gets on the same team.

5. Volunteer Giving back to your community as a family makes for a great bonding activity. Have everyone research local charities and volunteer activities, then sign up for one, two, or more.

by Jeff Lupient

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