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Summer may be just around the corner, bringing along much warmer temperatures to much of the United States. However, not every place will be experiencing the heat the same way. Some places actually stay cool. Mountain regions and areas of higher elevation all still have a lot of cold to contend with. And cold can be a huge problem for car owners if they neglect to maintain their cars.


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Here are a few car care tips people should know if they’re living in an area that’s cold year-round.

Check your batteries: A volt check can go a long way. When people feel like their car batteries are fading, it’s best to replace them immediately rather than have them stall in the cold. The cold weather can stop a car dead in its tracks, and it would be more difficult to find a replacement while stuck in the middle of a road in very low temperatures.

Check your coolant: Coolants can keep engines from freezing during extreme temperatures. There are two things to check when it comes to coolants – their levels and if there are any leaks.

Check your tires: Car owners should be mindful of their tires. If there is no need to put chains for snow tires, then they shouldn’t. But if car owners live in an area with lots of snowfall, then for everyone’s safety, motorists should observe proper protocol.


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