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Some people think sales is just talking through anything and getting people to believe. This is partly true, but there’s more to sales than just clinching a deal.

A solid sales career rests a lot on finding a mentor who will guide one through the disciplines of the trade and the importance of focusing on targets. And a lot hinges on a system or process the mentor introduces. The mentor should be firm, maybe even strict, so targets and deadlines are kept. The mentor monitors performance and adherence to set guidelines. Through all of this, the mentor should impart the wisdom of building relationships through the foundation of good team rapport.

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But what is a good mentor? A good mentor guides people according to their strengths while keeping the targets and the deadlines urgent and realistic. Is a mentor a friend? Yes, they can be, after work.

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Formalized mentoring need not be restricted to the realm of leadership development or entrepreneurship. Those working in sales need mentors, too, who can offer valuable knowledge, advice, and moral support especially to the young and inexperienced. More importantly, mentors can underscore that while sales is about hitting the target, it is also about expanding networks and building relationships.

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