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Buying your first car is an exciting time, and with the excitement comes a lot of decision-making and legwork.  There is a handful of factors to explore and consider when purchasing your first ride.  Here are a couple of pointers to steer you in the right direction when you start shopping for a car.

Be open with what your needs are and set a reasonable budget.  It is important to pinpoint the purpose why you want a car in the first place.  Is it to go to work every day, or to have an all-rounder for the family?  Assess your lifestyle, along with your finances.  By carefully identifying your needs and your budget is the first step into finding the car that’s best suited for you.

Find out what your credit score is. Your credit score will help you determine the interest rate you pay on a car loan.  A better credit score will give you better chances to get the best interest rates, thus improving your budget for the car.  Make a down payment, so you don’t have to borrow as much money when you make a loan.

Take your prospects for a test drive.  Once you’ve selected a few cars that will suit your needs and budget, don’t hesitate to take it to the road for a few kilometers to see how you feel about them.  At the end of it all, you’ll be able to pick out the best car for you.

Jeffrey Lupient’s competencies are geared toward automotive retail sales. He is also extensively educated in the field of car dealerships, thanks to the National Automobile Dealers Association Dealer Academy.  An alumnus of Hamline University, he is currently the president and CEO of the MN-based Lupient Automotive Group.  For more articles like this, visit this blog.


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Is there a formula to gaining lots of sales consistently throughout the year? Is there a rhythm or rhyme when it comes to seasonal highs and lows? Here are some expert tips and advice for a successful auto dealership business.


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Make it about the customer

It’s you who want to make a sale, and there’s a lot of pressure that comes with this goal. But you can only make this happen if you put customers in the center of everything you do: giving them the best price and quality, and the customer service and experience they deserve. Prioritize their needs, and all else will follow.

Go beyond the traditional

Many car sales these days start not inside the showroom, but through inquiries made on social media, email, and even quick, noncommittal phone calls. Entertain all the possibilities, as well as anyone from millennials looking to buy their first brand-new car to baby boomers who want replacement vehicles.

Service is everything

This holds true before, after, and in between a sale. From the first moment a potential customer steps into the shop, give them exceptional service on every level, from discussion vehicle options to flexible terms to repairs an after-service. Educate customers on every aspect and offer what could make it a good learning experience about the vehicle and car maintenance.

Be patient

Some sales require careful nurturing, as much as some people decide to buy within five minutes while others take weeks to months to explore their options. Don’t get so obsessed about closing the deal right away. Patience, perseverance, and giving excellent service will go a long way in winning loyalty and even customer referrals in the process.


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Jeffrey Lupient is extensively educated in the field of car dealerships, thanks to the National Automobile Dealers Association Dealer Academy. An alumnus of Hamline University, he is currently the president and CEO of the Lupient Automotive Group. Click here for similar updates.

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Gone are the days when consumers completely rely on what salespeople have to tell them regarding products and services. This is now the era of educated buyers; they can do research on their own. By the time they meet a salesperson, they would already have a clear grasp of what they are looking for.

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Because of this, salespeople equipped with just a product or service pitch might find it difficult, or even fail, to close a sale with potential buyers.

An effective strategy that has helped salespeople achieve success amidst such an environment is insight selling. It is done by collecting relevant market research or data about the prospective buyer, their specific needs or requirements, and the most appropriate solution for their problems.

Insight selling follows various methods. But the most effective ones aim to educate the buyers with new ideas and perspectives that they could not know about on their own, collaborate with buyers, and persuade them that the products and services offered would achieve results.

To do so, salespeople should have learned the ins and outs of their products and services, found out everything they can about their prospect, and mastered the market they are in, including the competition.

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Jeffrey Lupient is the CEO and president of Lupient Automotive Group in Minnesota. His competencies include automotive dealership, business development, and sales. Get more information about him and his work by visiting this LinkedIn page.

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