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Starting a career in car sales can be a fulfilling endeavor. Take Jeffrey Lupient for example. Ever since he was young, he has been involved with his family’s chain of car dealerships. Currently, he serves as MN-based Lupient Automotive Group’s president and CEO.

Achieving success in this line of work requires numerous skills, such as the following:

Establishing trust: According to a Gallup survey, car sales is one of the least trusted professions in the U.S., ranking at the bottom with politicians. Automotive salespeople should then learn how to gain the trust of customers by showing integrity and empathy and making them understand that their best interests are in the mind of the salespeople.

Adaptability: A common mistake salespeople, not just in the automotive industry, commit is misconstruing that a sales or marketing strategy would work for every customer. Consumers will have varying preferences, budgets, and opinions, and it is up to car salespeople to relate to and connect with them.

Industry research: Jeffrey Lupient knows this well as has not just amassed years of experience in the industry, he even completed a course of studies at the National Automobile Dealers Association Dealer Academy to hone his knowledge and abilities in the field of car sales. Those who wish to pursue a career in this area should have the zeal for researching the latest trends and competencies in the industry.

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